Use the Mouse to look around and Mouse 1 to shoot 

W-  Move Foward

A- Move Left

S- Move Back

D- Move Right

How to Win:

Find and eliminate the food around the map to win (10 in total).


  One regular day Joe was preparing his lunch for work. Joe works at an atom living power Plant. At his job there was an accident at his workplace which is the power plant, radioactive waves went around the land. Suddenly Joe lunch started to grow the hot dog, hamburger grew arms and legs. They became more like people, they took knives from the kitchen. Their objective is to get revenge for the foods who are sick of being eaten by humans. So they are setting out to destroy any humans and take over the US. Joe Feels responsible for his lunch he vows to stop his lunch and save the country.

A Game Made By: Tommy, Harold, Tahj

Made withUnity

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